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How To Double Underline In Google Docs – A Comprehensive & Detailed Guide

Hey there, friend! Have you ever wondered how to make words in Google Docs have two underlines beneath them? Well, I’m here to help! It’s a cool trick when you want to make something in your document stand out. And guess what? I have two ways to show you how. Don’t worry; it’s easier than you think!

Easy Way: Using Equations

  1. Starting with “Insert”
    • Open your Google Docs and look for a button at the top that says “Insert”. Click on it!
    • A list will pop down. Find and click on “Equation”.
  2. Making the First Underline
    • You’ll see a small box. In it, type “\underline” and hit the space key (the big key at the bottom of your keyboard).
    • A single line will appear below the box. Cool, right?
  3. Add the Second Underline
    • Do the same thing again! Type “\underline” and hit space. Now, you’ve got two lines!
  4. Type Your Words
    • Inside those two lines, type whatever words you want. When you’re done, hit the right arrow key to move out of the lines and continue typing.
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And voila! That’s the easiest way. But sometimes, it might not work, so I have another way for you. But honestly, the first way is the best. The next one is a bit trickier!

Another Cool Way to Double Underline: Using the Drawing Tool

Remember when I said there was another way to make words have two underlines? Well, it’s a bit trickier, but don’t worry, I’m here to guide you step-by-step. Let’s get artsy with the Drawing tool in Google Docs!

  1. Type Your Words and Go to the Next Line
    • First, type the words you want to have two underlines.
    • Hit “Enter” (that’s the big key that takes you down to a new line). We need to do this so our lines go under our words, not next to them.
  2. Let’s Start Drawing!
    • Click on “Insert” at the top, hover over “Drawing”, and click “New”. You’re now in the drawing mode!
  3. Draw the First Line
    • See the toolbar? Click on the “Line” tool.
    • Hold down the “Shift” key (it helps you draw a super straight line) and draw your line.
    • Once done, hit the “Save and close” button to go back to your document.
  4. Fixing Up the Line
    • Click on the line you just drew.
    • See those three dots? Click on them and pick “Size & rotation”.
    • A cool sidebar will pop up on the right. Uncheck “Lock aspect ratio” and play around to adjust the line’s size.
  5. Making a Twin for Our Line
    • Double-click on your line to open up the drawing tool again.
    • Click on the line and press Ctrl+C (that’s the copy shortcut) and then Ctrl+V (that’s the paste shortcut). Ta-da! Now you have two lines.
    • Use your arrow keys to move the second line right under the first one.
  6. Placing the Lines Under Your Words
    • Click the lines and look for the “Behind text” option, then click it.
    • Now, drag the lines right below your words. And you did it!
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Phew! That was a fun artistic journey, right? Using the Drawing tool might seem a bit more work, but sometimes it’s great to know different ways to do things. You’re now a double-underlining expert in Google Docs! Keep rocking!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I double underline text in Google Docs?

To double underline text in Google Docs, simply select the text you want to double underline. Then, click on the "Underline" button in the toolbar and select "Double underline" from the drop-down menu. The selected text will now be double underlined.

2. Is it possible to customize the appearance of the double underline in Google Docs?

No, Google Docs currently does not offer customization options for the appearance of the double underline. The default double underline style applied to the selected text cannot be modified.

3. Can I double underline specific words within a paragraph in Google Docs?

Yes, you can double underline specific words within a paragraph in Google Docs. Simply select the desired words and follow the steps mentioned in the answer to the first question to apply double underline to the selected words only.

4. Is there a keyboard shortcut to double underline in Google Docs?

Unfortunately, Google Docs does not have a specific keyboard shortcut for double underline. However, you can use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + U" to underline the selected text and then manually select "Double underline" from the toolbar drop-down menu.

5. Can I double underline text in Google Docs using the mobile app?

Yes, you can double underline text in Google Docs using the mobile app. Simply select the text you want to double underline, tap on the "A" (text formatting) icon in the toolbar, and then tap on the "Underline" option. From there, select "Double underline" to apply the double underline to the selected text.

6. Will the double underline formatting be preserved when exporting Google Docs to other file formats?

When exporting Google Docs to other file formats such as Microsoft Word or PDF, the double underline formatting will be preserved. However, it is recommended to double-check the exported file to ensure that the formatting appears as desired in the specific file format.
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