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How To Use Ps5 Controller On Pc Xbox Game Pass – A Comprehensive & Detailed Guide

Can your PC handle a PS5 controller through Xbox Game Pass? Connect effortlessly and enjoy a seamless transition between console and computer gaming.

The PS5 controller works with both PlayStation 5 and PCs. This lets gamers access a wider variety of games with one controller.

Its ergonomic design and high-tech features make for precise control and immersive gameplay. Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback add depth. The touchpad provides new possibilities for interactions.

Switch between platforms without compromising performance or comfort. Feel every action and sensation in vivid detail. Experience the world of Cyberpunk 2077 with enhanced graphics and intuitive controls.

Let’s find out if it’s worth the risk of crashing your system.

System Requirements for Using PS5 Controller on PC Xbox Game Pass

Players are now able to use their PS5 controller to play games on Xbox Game Pass on their PC. To do so, certain system requirements must be met. These include Windows 10 or later, Bluetooth Version 4.0 or higher, and a USB Type-A port for wired connection. Additionally, you must have the Xbox Game Pass app installed and updated.

The demand for using PS5 controllers on alternative platforms grew, and Microsoft worked towards enabling compatibility between them and Xbox Game Pass for PC. This bridged the gap between different gaming consoles and created a more inclusive gaming community.

As technology advances, gamers can personalize their gaming setups according to their preferences and needs. This includes the ability to use a PS5 controller on PC with Xbox Game Pass. The future of gaming looks promising as it embraces diversity and accessibility for all players. Get ready to connect your PS5 controller and enjoy ‘productive procrastination’ at its finest!

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Step 1: Connecting the PS5 Controller to the PC

  1. Use a USB-C cable to connect the controller to your PC.
  2. Wait for Windows to install the necessary drivers for the controller.
  3. Open the Xbox app on your PC.
  4. In the Xbox app, go to Settings and click “Devices & streaming”.
  5. Under “Devices,” select “Connect a controller”.
  6. Look for the PS5 controller in the list and click on it to connect.

Be sure to securely connect everything and install the drivers properly. Also, make sure your controller has enough battery life before connecting.

Pro tip: To get the best gaming experience, customize button mapping and sensitivity settings through both the Xbox app and Steam’s Big Picture mode.

Follow these steps and you’ll be ready to enjoy thrilling adventures with Xbox Game Pass games on your computer!

Step 2: Installing the Required Software

For using a PS5 controller on PC Xbox Game Pass, you must follow a few steps. Here is a 4-step guide:

  1. Download DS4Windows. It’s free and open-source, so visit the official website and get the latest version.
  2. Launch the DS4Windows Installer. Find it in your downloads folder. Double-click it and follow the instructions.
  3. Connect the PS5 controller. USB cable or Bluetooth?
    • USB Connection: Plug one end to the controller, the other to PC.
    • Bluetooth Connection: Press and hold PlayStation and Share buttons until light bar flashes. Then find the controller in your computer’s Bluetooth settings.
  4. Configure the settings. Open DS4Windows. You may need to grant admin privileges. Customize settings, like button mapping and sensitivity adjustments.

These 4 steps enable you to install the right software for your controller, so you can enjoy gaming with enhanced control and precision. Compatibility between PlayStation and PC platforms has improved. Software like DS4Windows make it easier to bridge the gap, giving more versatile gaming experiences. Now, you can use your favorite console controllers on multiple platforms without any limits.

Step 3: Configuring the PS5 Controller for Xbox Game Pass

To configure the PS5 controller for Xbox Game Pass, use the following steps and make necessary adjustments in controller settings.

Sub-heading: Configuring Controller Settings

To set up your PS5 controller for Xbox Game Pass, do this:

  1. Connect the PS5 controller to your PC using a USB cable.
  2. Go to Settings in the Xbox app on your PC.
  3. Click on “Connect New Device” in the Devices tab.
  4. Choose “PS5 Controller” from the list and follow the instructions.
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Once you’re done, you can play Xbox Game Pass games with your controller!

Pro Tip: Update the firmware for better performance.

Wow! The PS5 controller passed the tests – more than I can say for my confidence during online gaming.

Step 4: Testing the PS5 Controller

Testing the PS5 Controller is essential to make sure it functions correctly. Here are 6 steps to test it:

  1. Connect it: Use a USB cable or Bluetooth to connect the PS5 controller to your PC.
  2. Open Device Manager: Press the Windows key and search for “Device Manager”.
  3. Find the controller: Look for it in “Human Interface Devices”.
  4. Test input: Right-click on it and select “Properties”. Go to the “Settings” tab and click on “Test Input”.
  5. Watch response: Move the joysticks, press buttons, and observe how the software reacts.
  6. Check calibration: Make sure that all inputs are working properly and accurately reflecting your movements.

Plus, pay attention to any unique details that your system setup or game may need for optimal performance.

Fun fact: The PS5 DualSense controller has haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to improve the gaming experience.

If your PS5 controller isn’t working on PC, don’t worry. Technology likes to remind us who’s the boss!

Troubleshooting Common Issues

To troubleshoot common issues with using a PS5 controller on PC Xbox Game Pass, turn your attention to the section on ‘Troubleshooting Common Issues’. Unlock solutions for ‘Controller Not Recognized by PC’ and ‘Button Mapping Troubles’ as you navigate through this guide.

Sub-heading: Controller Not Recognized by PC

Having trouble with your controller connection? Don’t worry – we’ve got you! Follow these steps to ensure your controller works with your PC.

  1. Check the Connection: Make sure your controller is securely connected. If it’s wireless, check the batteries are charged.
  2. Update Device Drivers: Out-of-date drivers can cause compatibility problems. Download the latest drivers for your controller from the manufacturer’s website and install them.
  3. Restart Your PC: Close all applications and restart your computer. Try connecting the controller again.

Repeat these steps if needed. If you’re still having issues, reach out to customer support for help. Get back in control and enjoy uninterrupted gaming on your PC today!

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Sub-heading: Button Mapping Troubles

Button mapping problems can be really annoying! Here are some common issues and solutions:

  1. Wrong mapping? Double-check that each button is doing what it’s supposed to do.
  2. Conflicting mappings? Check for conflicts and reassign them to avoid problems.
  3. Limited customization options? Try third-party software or updates for more features.
  4. Inconsistent mappings? Learn the mappings for each platform or game.
  5. No default configurations? Look for user-created profiles online.
  6. Technical glitches? Keep up with system updates and patches.

If all else fails, consult the manual or customer service for tailored help.

Pro Tip: Before making any changes, make a backup of your current settings!


The PS5 controller is easy to use on PC Xbox Game Pass. This guide explains how.

All the steps and tips help you have a great gaming experience on your PC.

To start, connecting the PS5 controller to your PC is simple. Just follow the instructions in the guide. Then you can begin playing games on Xbox Game Pass with your PS5 controller.

Plus, the PS5 controller works well with PC Xbox Game Pass. It gives you an amazing gaming experience. Its ergonomic design and advanced features make it a great option for PC gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the PS5 controller on PC for Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, you can use the PS5 controller on PC for Xbox Game Pass. However, you need to follow a few steps to ensure compatibility and proper functionality.

2. How do I connect my PS5 controller to PC for Xbox Game Pass?

To connect your PS5 controller to PC for Xbox Game Pass, you need to connect it via USB or use Bluetooth. For USB connection, simply plug in the controller using a USB-C cable. For Bluetooth connection, go to your PC's settings, select Devices, then Bluetooth & other devices, and follow the on-screen instructions to pair the controller.

3. Do I need any additional software to use the PS5 controller on PC for Xbox Game Pass?

No, you don't need any additional software to use the PS5 controller on PC for Xbox Game Pass. Windows 10 has native support for the PS5 controller, so it should work seamlessly once connected.

4. Are all the features of the PS5 controller fully functional on PC for Xbox Game Pass?

Most features of the PS5 controller, such as buttons, triggers, and joysticks, are fully functional on PC for Xbox Game Pass. However, some advanced features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers may not work as they require specific software support from game developers.

5. Can I customize the PS5 controller settings on PC for Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, you can customize the PS5 controller settings on PC for Xbox Game Pass. Windows 10 allows you to adjust button mapping, sensitivity, and other options through the Xbox Accessories app. Additionally, some games may have their own controller customization options.

6. Are there any limitations or compatibility issues when using the PS5 controller on PC for Xbox Game Pass?

While most games should work fine with the PS5 controller on PC for Xbox Game Pass, there might be some rare cases of compatibility issues. Additionally, certain games may not support controllers at all, so it's always recommended to check the game's system requirements and compatibility before playing.


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