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If Someone Blocks You Can You Still See Their Location – A Comprehensive & Detailed Guide

Hey there! Do you have a smartphone? I bet you do! And I’m sure you know we can do a lot of cool things with them, like sharing our location with our friends and family. For those who have an iPhone, there’s an app called “Find My Friends” that lets us do just that. But what happens if you block someone on your iPhone? Can they still see where you are?

What Happens When You Block Someone on Your iPhone?

Have you ever wondered what really happens when you block someone on your iPhone? Let’s chat about that, especially when it comes to sharing our location with them!

When You Block Someone: The Basics

So, when you block a friend (or maybe not-so-much-a-friend) on your iPhone, it means they can’t call you, text you, FaceTime you, or leave you voicemails. It’s like building a tiny digital wall around yourself. But guess what? They might still be able to see where you are. Yep, that’s right!

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Location, Location, Location

Let’s break it down based on the different ways we can share our location with others:

1. Using the “Find My” App

If you use the “Find My” app, when you block someone, it’s like playing hide and seek – they can’t find you, and you can’t find them. So, if you were both sharing locations before, that’s going to stop now.

2. Through iMessage

Now, this one’s a bit tricky. Even if you block someone, they might still be able to peek at where you are if you shared your location in iMessage. To fix that:

  • Open your iMessage chat with them.
  • Click on that little “i” button on the top right.
  • Scroll a bit, and tap “Share My Location” to turn it off.

Easy-peasy, right?

3. Family Sharing

Oh, family! You can’t live with them; you can’t live without them. If you’ve set up Family Sharing, blocking someone won’t stop them from seeing where you are. But don’t worry! You can fix that too:

  • Open “Settings” and tap on your name at the top.
  • Go to “Family Sharing” and find “Location Sharing.”
  • Turn off location sharing for the family member you have in mind.

How to Unblock Someone on Your iPhone and Share Locations Again

So, you’ve changed your mind about someone you’ve blocked? No worries! Let’s dive into how you can unblock them and start sharing locations again if you want to.

Unblocking a Buddy: Here’s How!

  1. Open Up Your Settings: Click on that gear-looking icon called “Settings”.
  2. Pick Where You Blocked Them: Was it in Phone? Messages? FaceTime? Click on the one you’re thinking of.
  3. Find the “Blocked” List: Tap on “Blocked Contacts” or just “Blocked”.
  4. Unblock Time!: Find the contact’s name, swipe it to the left, and click the red “Unblock” button. Boom! They’re unblocked.
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Sharing Your Location Again (If You Want To)

So you’ve unblocked them, but now what if you want to share locations again?

  1. Get Them to Share First: Head to the “Find My” app, click on “People”, and hit that “+” at the top. Search for your now-unblocked friend and tap “Send Request”.
  2. Your Turn to Share: In the same app, click on your picture at the bottom left. Then choose “Share My Location”, find your friend, and tap “Send Request” again.

Safety First: What to Keep in Mind

A Few Tips: Always think twice about who you’re sharing your location with. Review the list from time to time and make sure you’re cool with everyone on it. If you’re feeling a bit iffy about your safety, Apple’s got a neat feature called “Safety Check” that stops location sharing right away.

Apple’s Take on Sharing and Privacy: Apple really cares about keeping our stuff private. They’ve got lots of tools built into their devices that let us choose what we want to share and with whom. But here’s the thing: if you block someone, they might still see where you are in some apps like “Find My Friends”. Why? Because blocking mostly stops them from texting or emailing you, but not from seeing your location.

That’s why it’s super important to also manage your location settings separately. It’s a bit like putting two locks on your door instead of one! Apple’s goal is to make sure we’re safe and have control over our info.

Remember, it’s your phone, and you get to decide who sees what. Stay safe out there! 📱🔒

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I see the location of someone who has blocked me?

No, when someone blocks you, they restrict all forms of communication, including sharing their location. Blocked users cannot see the blocked person's location on any platform or application.

2. What happens to location-sharing apps when someone blocks you?

When someone blocks you, their location-sharing apps will no longer display their location to you. The blocking feature ensures that all aspects of communication, including location-sharing, are withheld from the blocked individual.

3. Will the blocked person continue to see my location?

No, once someone blocks you, they will no longer receive any updates about your location. They won't be able to see your location on any application or platform, providing a complete privacy shield.

4. Can a blocked individual see my past location history?

No, once someone blocks you, they have no access to any previous location history or updates regarding your whereabouts. The blocking feature also revokes access to past location information.

5. Is it possible to bypass the blocking feature and still see someone’s location?

No, the blocking feature is specifically designed to ensure complete privacy and restrict all forms of communication, including location-sharing. There are no known methods or hacks to bypass this feature.

6. Can I see a person’s location if they have only unfriended or unfollowed me?

No, unfriending or unfollowing someone does not block them. However, if someone unfriends or unfollows you, they may still choose not to share their location with you on any platform or application.


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